What you will get at Base Studio courses.

The ability to competently create a product design (be it a hand-made postcard, installation or a huge wallboard), the ability to think creatively and visualize your own ideas – will help you choose the right vector in shaping yourself as a designer. This is an interesting profession – both creative and profitable. If you want your ideas to come to life and become reality, you have come to the right place.

In addition to basic knowledge required, you will gain invaluable experience and be able to complete your own project / portfolio. Ability to work Freelance and familiarize yourself with all online sites and stocks, how to pass moderation and start earning immediately after training. 

Note that it’s not only important to know graphic / web design programs, but also learn DESIGN THINKING.

We prepare specialists who are ready to enter the world of graphic / web design right after the course.

Base 0+

Base 0+ courses are suitable for those who are just starting to take their first steps in the industry of graphic/web design or are only dreaming about it. The course allows you to become a specialist from 0.


The WEB DESIGN Intensive, UI/UX course is a continuation of the BASE DESIGN 0+ program for those who have completed the initial BASE course and want to deepen their knowledge and skills in Web Design, UI/UX. Those who already know graphic editors at a certain level and want to become a Web Design specialist will also be able to participate.

Graphic Design

The Graphic DESIGN Intensive course is a continuation of the BASE DESIGN 0+ program for those who do not want to stop and want to create not only beautiful things, but also learn to master the tools for creating visual communications from posters and banners to the graphic component of company branding.